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Pneumatic Strapping Machine used to Tight, Seal and Cut any Plastic Strap upto 32 mm. It is operated on Air Compressor. It is cost effective and Heavy Duty Product as no SEALS/CLIPS are required to strap, Plastic Strap if this Machine is used. Comes in 3 different variants: 1. A 19: Plastic Strap upto 19 MM 2. A 25: Plastic Strap upto 25 MM 3. A 32: Plastic Strap upto 32 MM
Pneumatic Strapping Machine is used to Tight, seal and cut Plastic PP Strip and Pet Strip. It works on Air Compressor, requires 7 Bar Pressure or 100 PSI. It is reasonable alternate to Electric Strapping Machine and Manual Strapping Tools.
We offer Wire Buckles in Competitive rates comes in different sizes from 16 mm to 32 mm. It is widely used in Packing applications for tightening Composite Strap or Lashing Belt inside Export or Import Containers and also in other packaging application.
We keep Tensioner for Plastic Strap Roll at reasonable Rate. Any Plastic Roll can be tighten with it upto 19 mm width. Make in India Product
We are Leading Supplier of Pneumatic Strapping Tool in Ahmedabad| Pneumatic Strapping Tool is used to tight, seal and cut any kind of Plastic Strip from 9 mm to 19 mm on Boxes, Cartons and Pallets. It works on 3HP Air Compressor. It saves the Expense of Electricity and GI Clips for Lifetime as Plastic Strip are getting welded by this Pneumatic Machine. It is very much reasonable than the Electrically Operated Automatic Strapping Machines available in the market